1 Simple Way To Bring More HEART Into Your Life

I don’t know about you, but it can be challenging for me at times to consistently remember and really be aware of how much I am loved.

Often times it is because this inner certainty gets clouded over by the busy-ness of my day. Other times it is because my mind is caught up in some kind of hectic cycle, sweating the small stuff. Sometimes, it seems like I just need an external reminder to halt and reclaim this universally divine sense of being cared for.

A few days ago I was sitting on my yoga mat ready to let myself be carried into the zen-space that I have come to treasure so much. I suddenly realized that in my rush to make it into the studio on time, I had forgotten to take off my necklace. I reached for the clasp at the back of my neck when suddenly a thought entered my mind saying:

“Why don’t you just leave it on. It’s not heavy. It won’t bother you.”

The necklace I was wearing on that particular day had been a gift from my mom that she has given to me before I ever left my home country of Germany. It is a silver necklace with a beautiful heart-shaped pendant. I remember wearing it on my first day of school in an American high school.

As my thoughts on the yoga mat revisited these experiences, I began to think that instead of removing the necklace, why don’t I leave it on and whenever the heart pendant falls back on my skin, I will actively let it remind me of how much I am loved.

Thanks to numerous Downward Facing Dogs, Cobras, and Twists, my sense of how much I am loved deepened to a level that remained with me for days. Merely by infusing my mom’s heart-shaped necklace with a reminder to actively feel what I already knew, sharpened my sense of trust, self-love, and inner contentment. It was so simple.


So, how might this experience of mine be applicable and useful to you?

By sharing this story, I want to encourage you to find ways to actively remind yourself of how loved, how special, how treasured, how unique, and how simply wonderful you are.

It’s just too easy to forget or take for granted. But when we discover ways to infuse our surrounding objects with special reminder functions –in my case a transmitter of love- we enable ourselves to receive any feeling that we might need in order to walk through our lives with strength, passion, and resiliency.

Take a look around. Observe your environment. What object might you infuse with special transmitter powers today?

Choose boldly.

Choose freely.

Make it your own.

Get ready to receive.

With love,


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