Do you believe in miracles?

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One of my favorite quotes is by my good old wise friend Albert Einstein. It goes like this:

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. -Albert Einstein

Which one do you chose?

There was a time in my life when I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself. I had to prove myself to the world (through things like: a body of a certain size, a career of a certain caliber, a perfect family and relationship, etc.), before I could feel proud, accomplished, and henceforth, happy.

I told myself that I had to earn feeling good. I lived as if nothing was a miracle and instead believed that unless I worked really (painfully) hard for something, it didn’t carry any worth.

Sound familiar?

My philosophy at that time was more along the lines of “No pain, no gain,” (which actually reminds me of a German saying that people told little girls that goes like this: “Who wants to be beautiful, must suffer.” I remember being told this sentence because I HATED brushing my hair and cutting my fingernails.)

So, what happens if you don’t treat anything in life like a miracle? You make it impossible for yourself to feel truly grateful, universally supported, and unconditionally loved, because you live in the illusion that nothing in life is for free. 

What were my fears associated with seeing everything as a miracle? Yes, I was afraid of appearing naive, silly, and unambitious. But most of all, I was afraid of giving up control! As long as I lived in the “Ego-driven-world” and told myself that I am in charge of everything -including any miraculous outcomes of my life- I kept myself from being vulnerable. What I didn’t really notice is that I also kept myself numb, inauthentic, unfulfilled, and estranged from myself.

My big wake-up call happened when I was 25 and was diagnosed with herniated disks in my lower spine. This injury changed everything for me, because it sparked the beginning of my journey back home to myself. It opened me up and straightened me out. Literally. What a miracle!

What I have found over and over throughout my journey home to myself, is that everything in life is a miracle if you choose to look close.

The way we start life is a miracle. The fact that we can breathe in air, digest food, move our body, feel emotions, smell flowers, taste food, feel touch, hear laughter,... those are all miracles. But the bigger question is if you can find the miracles in your personal every-day life? In the small things and the big things. In the minor and in the major. In the subtle and in the obvious. In the ugly and in the pretty.

Making this shift will expand your sight and open up a world to you that is based on trust, gratitude, connection, meaning, and joviality. It will create the space for you to begin to feel supported and unconditionally loved. It will also replace your frustrations with “not being there yet!” with celebrations for “having gotten here and excitement to continue on to there.”

So, my challenge for you today is to start seeing the miracles in your life.

play with seeing the miracles

play with seeing the miracles

Think of how your life has unfolded. Think of your best friend, your husband, wife or lover, your child or your parent, or maybe even your relationship with yourself. Think of unexpected outcomes and turns of events. Think of what you love. Think of something that used to make you miserable, that now makes you giggle.

Play with seeing the miracles today, tomorrow, and every day. (Tweet it!)

With love, patience, and gratitude,

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 9.43.30 AM

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 9.43.30 AM