I am a recovering potential addict... and why decision making skills are essential

Are you overwhelmed by all the things that “could be”? Does this overwhelm lead you to either a) choose nothing aka. you stay static and stuck, moving in no particular direction at all, or b) choose all of them and start 1000 things at the same time without noticing that you are spreading yourself too thin?  

Last week, I had a crucial realization about myself after reading a blogpost by Danielle LaPorte titled "Are you addicted to potential? And, OH MAN, am I a recovering addict!

I am the type of person who gets super excited about new opportunities and creating out-of-the-box possibilities. I love reaching out to people, making new connections, and working towards finding the solutions to make sh** happen. I love the feeling of having found a new loophole and there is rarely any better sensation for me than seeing things unfold and pan out smoothly. This is a genetic gift I got from my dad (dad, you know it's true too ;)!) and what my friends and clients often tell me is one of my greatest assets.


In my own little microcosm, I feel like a rebel (the fun, adventurous kind!) and in those moments it’s easy to experience my life as exciting and bursting at the seams with all the great things that will be...


While this optimistic and willing-to-make-connections side of me is a great quality when it comes to brainstorming for how to move forward into a new, formerly assumed impossible way, this quality can lead to overwhelm when I don’t pay careful attention.  Particularly, looking back at my life but still to some extent today, I can see how I can get carried away with the exciting wave of creating potential and then lost sight of attending to two things: 1) falling in love with the present moment, and 2) self-care and appreciating the things I already have instead of experiencing a sense of lingering deficiency.


Then what happened? In the moments when I sniffed potential, I felt free, alive, and connected to the universe until more of these potential opportunities actually unfolded into real possibilities and I had to play catch-up. Danielle’s blogpost last week really reminded me of this pattern of mine and led me to check in with myself again more closely.


So this is what I am learning once again... this time on a bit of deeper level than the time before (thank god for growth):


If I want to set myself up for success, I need to be in tune with my decisions before I go ahead and get carried away by the charm of potential.


Being able to make strong and confident decision is equally important for those who shy away from what could be and thus create static stuckness AND for those, who are like me, who travel on the Autobahn of creating possibilities.


Decision-making is a tricky subject and having the right tools and a shift in your outlook can change everything.


Be honest, who has not second-guessed themselves? Who has not felt torn between two or more choices and ended up choosing nothing? Who has not felt overwhelmed and maybe even a bit estranged from themselves because the prospects just looked too good to say no? Who has not sacrificed their self-care regimens in the eye of what could be?


I want you to know this: The answer to deciding confidently and scope appropriately resides in your own authenticity, in your own instincts.


Everything you need to know is already there.


I have been carefully collecting practical tools as well as slightly more spiritual exercises that have allowed me to grow tremendously in my own decision-making abilities. This is why I am so excited for my up-coming 4-week group coaching course in NYC called Decision-making made clear. And just to be clear right now, this course was developed through my own authenticity and with all my intuitive sense on board, so rest assured that this group course will be revealing as it will be rewarding.


You can find the dates and location by clicking here.


In the comments below share what you are struggling with when it comes to decision making. Do you get stuck and don't move forward at all or do you create potential everywhere and then end up chronically catching-up.


Note: The course is limited to 6 women and if you sign up before Friday April 14th, you will get the whole course at the early bird special rate of $183.


Some things you can expect:

  • Group discussions on acceptance, fear of making the “wrong” decision, worrying, manifesting, and more.
  • Supportive exercises that will deepen your ability to access your intuition
  • Guided personal inquiries into how you have made decisions in the past
  • Adopting a playful way to go forward with more confidence and fun


Click here for the full scope.

Please contact me with any questions. I am here to answer them for you, so don’t waste time worrying and thinking about what the answer might be.

I cannot wait for joining together for this workshop.


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