"Find Your Voice" Interview: Natalie Berthold

I have always been really interested in understanding my family. Anything from where my grandparents grew up and what my parents’ childhood was like to making sense of why I am the way I am in my own life.  

There is so much information in our families and shining light on the complexities that are often entangled in these dynamics can be painful at times, but also revealing when it comes to understanding ourselves and fundamental when it comes to accepting and loving who we are.


In my own life, for example, I had a very difficult time understanding -not to mention embracing!- my own womanhood. I didn’t know what it meant to me to be feminine. That word was far more scary than alluring, so it was much easier for me to pretend like it didn’t matter. I didn’t understand that as long as I was acting from a place of fear and denial, I also couldn’t feel confident and comfortable with who I authentically am. I couldn’t fully speak with my own voice and therefore blocked myself from going for my professional calling, feeling good in my own skin and from finding true love.

Then I began to unravel family dynamics around that topic of womanhood and femininity, and started to see patterns that reached back to my grandparents generation. I was able to better understand why I felt out of touch with my body, why I doubted relationships, and why I didn’t fully accept myself as I was. Understanding the topic of womanhood or femininity is only one example of many where exploring your family is incredibly important. This is powerful work and I have seen it shift things around in my clients’ lives ever since.


Because I believe that understanding family dynamics is so wildly important when it comes to creating a free and happy life, I am beyond exciting to introduce you to my friend Natalie Berthold. Natalie is a health & lifestyle coach with a specialization in Family Constellation, which she uses to help women get to the root of their disordered eating.


Some things we talk about in the interview:

  • What is Family Constellation
  • How Family Constellation has completely changed Natalie’s life
  • The importance of being seen and using your voice even though it’s scary
  • Why going from A-Z doesn’t work
  • The significance of having a tribe of people who are in the same boat
  • Natalie’s’ one piece of advice that had a tremendous impact in her life



“To speak your voice is scary as hell, but what’s harder & scarier is ignoring it.” -Natalie Berthold (Tweet it!)


Be sure to check out Natalie’s upcoming Retreat in Cape Cod called “Healing the root of it" and get ready for 5 days of Family Constellation, yoga, massage, delicious food, boating and more. Take a peak here.


In the comments below, I would love to hear what you took away from this video. Are you intrigued? What came up for you?


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