"Find Your Voice" Interview: Isabel Foxen Duke

I am beyond excited to finally share with you something I have been working on over the last few weeks.

I present: the first video of my  "Find Your Voice" interview series


In the following months I will post one interview each month in which I am talking with someone who has truly found their own voice and has been able to turn their passion into an active ingredient of their career and life in general.

Living out of a place of passion, authenticity, and purpose is fundamental when it comes to creating meaningful lives, so I thought "What better way to stimulate this thought process than to interview some amazing people who have done just that."

Without further ado, I have the pleasure to interview Isabel Foxen Duke, an Emotional Eating Expert and rockstar in life at large (honestly, she is so much fun!). Isabel has helped hundreds of women heal their relationship with food and their bodies and who are therefore, leading lives that are free of restriction, guilt, and self hate. Isabel was also recently featured in the Huffington Post, which is just beyond cool (I cannot help myself and sometimes just have to brag about my friends;)).


Here are some things Isabel and I are going to talk about in this interview:

  • Why and how Isabel started working with women who are struggling with food, body image, and perfectionism
  • A private glimpse into her own struggles and what it took to free herself aka. how she found her own voice
  • How being authentic and going for what she actually wanted has impacted other areas of her life
  • Isabel's one piece of advice to get over a fear of risk taking


Click play below.


“Perfectionism is the devil’s playground.” –Isabel Foxen Duke (tweet it!)


Find out more about Isabel and download her free guide "How to not eat cake" here. It's amazing!!

In the comments below I would love to hear about what you found most helpful about this video. What's you take away message?