Healthy Body & Happy Mind

Beautiful Friday morning to you, First of all, I hope that you had a great start into September and are feeling energized, balanced, and inspired to slowly start switching from the hot summer months to cooler temperatures. Autumn is such a wonderful time for reflection and becoming curious about what is going on internally.

Last Wednesday evening, my friend and amazing wellness coach, Nadya Andreeva and I hosted a free teleconference discussing the benefits of mindfulness on your personal journey toward cultivating a HEALTHY BODY and a HAPPY MIND.

With more than 120 participants, we were excited (and also a bit nervous ;)) to share our personal stories and provide you with our professional tips, tricks, and tools for how YOU can find your own way to live a life that is marked by a harmonious and loving mind-body relationship.

If you missed the event, you can listen to the recording here or download the MP3 file here.

As you will be able to tell from the call, my part focused on helping you understand the correlation between your Cravings and your Emotions. In order to further support you, I created a Cravings, Emotion, Body's Response Diary and a Bodymap exercise for you. I hope that you will enjoy them and find them supportive in fueling your curiosity about how your body and your mind are working together.

Two other helpful resources on this topic: 1) My most recent article for MindBodyGreen: The Nutella Curse- How a Vice is also a Blessing. 2) My M.A. Thesis Video: Experiencing Emotion Somatically: Fostering the Mind-Body Connection on the Journey Toward Wholeness

If you have any questions concerning these exercises or the topic of the mind-body relationship, please don’t hesitate to email me at or writing to me on facebook.

I would also love to hear any comments you may have below.

In health & happiness, Caroline