How to celebrate your January achievements on a low budget

Celebrate posterI promise this one will be a short one since you already received a surprise email from me last week when I interviewed my friend and wellness coach Nadya for some tips and tricks on self-love, nutrition, and digestion.

However, since this is my last post for January, I wanted to make sure to remind you to start the year off with a positive vibe by celebrating you January achievements.

A few months back I wrote a post on why it is super important to celebrate all the things we accomplish on a consistent basis instead of taking them for granted and moving on to the next challenge without stopping (read the full article here). Especially for those of you who always feel like they are behind and like they havn’t achieved anything yet, this is fundamental to creating a life that feels full, light, and vibrant! Ladies in particular, I cannot tell you how often I talk with amazing, beautiful, and brilliant women who have become blind to how successful they already are. If you ask me, that needs to stop right now.

Knowing that January is probably not your wealthiest month financially, it by no means has to be your poorest in all areas of your life. You can still celebrate whatever big or small thing you achieved in the last few weeks.

Here are 5 simple ways you can celebrate on a low budget:

1)    Invite people over for a good old potluck. Encourage each person to make something they really love in celebration of whatever they are proud of this month.

2)    Pamper yourself at home. Reserve a night for yourself, light some candles, cuddle down into your couch or maybe take a bath. Either journal (maybe not in the tub?!) if that’s your thing or just lean back and think about how good a particular experience felt this month (maybe you had a really loving moment in your relationship, perhaps you have been able to stick to your new years resolution of eating healthier, maybe you have managed to not get as stressed out in your job… this can be anything… huge or tiny). Take pride in these experiences and congratulate yourself. Replaying and visualizing our positive experiences makes us 1000 times more likely to recreate them again in our lives. Plus is makes us feel taken care of, saved, and loved.

3)    Stimulate your senses. This is a wonderful way to support a deeper awareness for where you are in your life and how clever your body is in recognizing pleasurable things. Get a scented candle or incense, visit a museum, get a foot reflexology massage, buy a new spice that you have been wanting to try, listen to new perhaps unusual music on your way to work. Regardless of what you choose, the point is to absorb life by living deeply intentionally while dwelling in your own achievements.

4)    Dress up in something special on a regular day. Maybe put on some bright red lip stick or wear a color that you usually only flaunt in the summer but that puts you into a special mood. Wear an unusual accessory that for that day symbolizes whatever you feel proud of.

5)    Get yourself some flowers. Having something in your apartment that is alive and flourishing makes everything better. They will be a physical reminder for how great you year has started off already.

In the comments below, I would LOVE to hear from you: What are you celebrating this January? What are you proud of? What have you accomplished? What has happened that infused your life with happiness in these last few weeks?

Do you know someone who always feels like they are behind or like they havn’t accomplished anything yet? Share this post with them and support them in their journey towards recognizing their own accomplishments.