How to use your feminine vitality to get your life on track

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

― Steve Maraboli

Sometime people ask me why I focus my life-coaching on women and my answer always is “No, I don’t hate men (;)) I am just really passionate about helping women unlock their true selves, get in touch with their femininity, and create lives for themselves that they love - actively and now, instead of hoping for happy feelings to fall into place when everything else in life is all set and done.”

I also simply know what it’s like to be a woman and am familiar with the struggle of not feeling good enough/ ready enough/ pretty enough….. enough PERIOD. In my life, I have come across so many brilliant and beautiful women, who feel like they need to be perfect before they can be happy, enjoy their bodies, feel in charge of their own lives, and fall in love.

I believe that it is this belief that is keeping women captive, small, and unhappy and I am here -doing what I do- to help more of us ladies step into the “true essence of beauty” the way Steve Maraboli described it… so that more women can be “unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection.”

Elle Griffin

Elle Griffin

That is why I am beyond excited to introduce you to my friend Elle Griffin. Elle is a Natural Fertility Expert and Female Vitality Coach and she is nothing short of AH-MAZING! Elle and I got cozy and chatted up a storm about what feminine vitality even is, the inspiration behind Elle’s journey, and what a stuck menstrual cycle might be telling you about your life. Read on below.

Caroline: So Elle, I am super intrigued by your coaching and life philosophy of tapping into Feminine Vitality. In a nutshell, what do you mean by feminine vitality?

Elle: Our feminine vitality is our life force as women. As women we are so blessed to be part of the cyclical world around us. The death and rebirth, the revival and renewal. Just as the days, months, seasons, and phases of the moon, are constantly changing, so are our bodies. Hormones ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean and by learning to navigate the waves we can unlock a wealth of physical and emotional healing.

Caroline: How did you get interested in this topic to begin with and when did you decide to turn it into your job?

Elle: Interestingly enough, it was my lack of this cyclicity that helped me fall in love with my menstrual cycles. After getting off birth control pills, my body remained stuck. I had two periods in a year and was diagnosed with amenorrhea, PCOS, & hypothyroidism. Two years later I have regular 28 day cycles that are in tune with the cycles of the moon!

I fell so deeply in love with my femininity throughout the process that I knew it was my destiny to help others do the same: Reconnect with their spiritual inheritance and unlock their true divinity as women.

Caroline: I understand that you do work with women to heal their bodies, but that you connect this healing process to your clients whole lives. How did you come up with this?

Elle: I so didn’t! Christiane Northrup and Louise Hay literally wrote the books when it comes to the effects of emotional reactions on physiological responses. I just study it! My work is based on the field of psychophysiology (the effect of emotions on physical wellbeing) and more specifically the study of psychoendocrinology (the effect of emotions on, you guessed it, endocrine health and fertility). I am actually applying to graduate schools right now so I can study this relationship further! I believe that by healing the emotional causes of hormonal imbalances, the physical and hormonal responses become healed as well.

Caroline: From your experience as a true expert in this field of tapping into feminine wisdom, what have you observed as the most common blocks that people carry with them?

Elle: It is absolutely this stuck-ness. It’s the only way to describe it! Women with stuck periods, have stuck lives. By helping them unstick their lives, they unstick their periods! It truly is amazing. That’s why one of my clients had her first period in two years after dumping a boyfriend that wasn’t serving her. Another one of my clients ovulated for the first time in a year the day she quit her job. No matter what that sticky point is, I help women unravel the emotional gunk so she can unstick her life and reveal her true passion, pleasure, and purpose. That she gets her period back on track is really just a bonus.

Caroline: I just have to ask, because I love it so much: You host free monthly calls that you call The Period Party. I think this is genius, but I would love to know what inspired these calls for you?

Elle: Well, it’s actually pretty funny. I scheduled a call with Nicole Jardim just so we could chat and get to know each other and we ended up talking for two hours straight! And it was HILARIOUS. I mean we SERIOUSLY geeked out on all things menstrual. It was hard to get us off the phone! By the end we thought it would just be hysterical to let the public listen in to this gab fest. Nicole had met Nat Kringoudis the week prior and we knew we had a match made in heaven. The Period Party is totally unscripted and crazy, and yet I hear from women all the time how helpful our rantings have been in their own hormonal health. We have absolutely had a ball getting these gems recorded and I’m so excited to continue work on this labor of love going forward.

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