Ladies, is PMS routinely messing with your life? I've got something for you.

how are you? I am super duper happy right now because I spent last week hanging and working from Sweden, where my fiancé is from. We had the most amazing time with his family on the beach, taking walks in the hills, biking in the wind with our hair flying, and eating great food. Just my kinda thing:)

Here is a pic of the golden fields in Southern Sweden. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Here is a pic of the golden fields in Southern Sweden. Aren’t they beautiful?!


But, on to today’s post: Are you surprised by that topic -PMS- from me?

Well, there is something I haven’t told you about.

Over the last 1.5-2 years I have been educating myself a TON about the female cycle, fertility, hormones, our lady parts, the birth-control pill, and all the side-effects that women experience along with well, being a woman.

The reason I started to become interested in this field is a longer (and very personal) story for another day and another post, but for now just know that I came to a point where I no longer wanted to listen to a conventional OBGYN whose solution for everything seemed to be the birth control pill.

This -silencing my symptoms through a pill- was not the way I wanted to address my body anymore and so I began educating myself in more holistic modalities that taught me about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle choices, stress management, and environmental toxins.

I soaked up everything like a gigantic sponge and it has changed my life!

My most recent educational stunt was through an apprenticeship with my mentor and friend Nicole Jardim, a women’s holistic health coach who focuses on all things periods. She is amazing and I cannot wait to soon incorporate the wonderful things I have learned from her into the work I do as a life coach. Stay tuned!

The reason I think all of this is important is because let’s face it: a fertile female body is a healthy female body and only a healthy body can host a clear mind and lead to a fantastic life. It’s all so connected, it still baffles me sometimes!

What I want to share with you today, however, is about PMS specifically.

Did you know that nearly 85% of women suffer from one or more of the following symptoms every single month: Painful cramps, heavy periods, excessive fatigue, feelings of despair, tender & painful breasts, acne, crazy cravings and ultimately stomach problems.

That’s insane and although we are being told that it’s normal (because statistically it pretty much is), it actually points to an underlying hormonal imbalance that guess what: can be solved naturally.

Your PMS symptoms are only your body’s way of telling you that something is out of balance. Your body does that not because it wants to hurt you, but it wants you to pay attention so that you can live your longest happiest life possible.

So yes love, I am saying that you don’t actually HAVE to feel bloated, moody, and unhappy every month. Great news, right?

That is also why Nicole is launching her brand new (and amazing if I do say so myself) Fix Your Period: PMS Program, in which she takes an integrative approach to unveiling the root causes of hormonal imbalances and will give you the tools and knowledge to create hormonal harmony! For more information and to sign up (you can save $97 this week only!), click here.

Here is to your health and happiness <3




Caroline Zwickson

Caroline Zwickson has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Women’s Health Coach focusing on natural pregnancy preparation, hormone balance & postpartum recovery for women who want to feel amazing in their own skin and birth happy babies.

Caroline integrates functional nutrition, life & wellness coaching, as well as positive psychology to guide her clients in creating joyful lives and fertile bodies. She skillfully helps her clients adapt to new food & lifestyle habits that are grounded in establishing physical and emotional balance and health so that they can make decisions that are truly based on their goals, desires and intentions in life, especially at the onset of a new era: motherhood. Knowing how to nourish yourself in a way that promotes hormonal balance and having a close, loving relationship with yourself is the best possible preparation for pregnancy and motherhood.

Through her own experience navigating hormonal imbalances after coming off birth control in her 20s, Caroline experienced first hand that the most important factor in achieving a healthy and fun pregnancy is how women prepare their bodies and lives before they conceive. Her approach to women’s fertility and motherhood is based on positivity and the firm belief that women have an immense capacity for creation and bringing joy and beauty to the world.

Caroline has been featured in The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Your Bella Life, The Beauty Bean and Cafe Truth. She has spoken at companies like Martha Stewart Living, Yelp, AMEX, Twitter, and Charity Water. You can find out more about her at and you can download her FREE workbook guiding you through her top 5 tools to help you conceive naturally.