Self-love, Nutrition, & Digestion – an interview with Nadya Andreeva

Before I get started on today’s post, I would like to take a minute and express my gratitude. After my last post “When the unexpected happens. A personal story.” (in case you missed it, you can read it here), so many of you reached out to me to check in how I was doing and to share how much this post meant to you in your personal lives. That really meant a lot to me, so thank YOU for your openness and love! Now that I am back in NYC and feeling better, I am totally committed to fueling my mind-body connection and supporting myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. To me that basically means romancing myself by eating well, eliminating toxins, and simply feeling light and balanced all around.

After spending the holidays and new years in Europe with my family (think daily cheese, meat, and chocolate feasts) I most certainly feel like I could benefit from a little pick-me-up to re-spark my usually healthy routine… AND maybe even learn a thing or two to make 2013 an even more fruitful and exciting year.

Personally, I am not a fan of juicing, restrictive eating, or doing anything that leaves me hungry. BUT I am a huge fan of treating my body with love and that 100% means eating healthy, minimizing toxins, and having a rocking digestion. I mean, let’s be honest who wants to be a sluggish, tired, achy, and constipated mess? Not me and I am guessing not you either ;)

That is why I called up my friend and amazing wellness coach Nadya Andreeva from Spinach and Yoga to get some key inspirations on how we can get back into the flow and treat ourselves with just a little bit more love.

In this interview Nadya will give us: 

  • A quick intro to what ayurveda is and why it is a unique and wonderful approach to a healthy lifestyle.
  • 3 simple nutritional shifts for how to feel light and happy in your body (hint: you might wanna think twice about drinking iced drinks).
  • Some tips and tricks for a rocking digestion and elimination.
  • A few strategies for how we can feel calmer, more grounded, and less stressed.


Click the image to watch the video:

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Know someone who needs some nutritional and digestive support to manage stress better? Share this video with them and spark their curiosity about how they can live a healthy, happy, and clean life –inside and out!