The problem with “going with the flow” that you might be overlooking

Going with the flow is great. The times when things are just cruising along feel wonderful, easy, and super relaxed. Everything seems to fall into place almost on its own. Positive energy is all around you and you attract amazing people and awesome opportunities into your life. I am all for “going with the flow” IF -that is- you are making an active effort to tune into your own gut and use your own intuition to guide you into the flow.  

The thing is that truly “going with the flow” can actually be quite difficult. Unless you are on vacation or have endless time and money, “going with the flow” is probably one of the most challenging things AND/OR greatest luxuries there is. 


That is true for two reasons: A) Going with the flow requires you to give up control, let go of expectations and that nagging “should” voice, and B) Going with the flow requires that you are not “too busy” to follow the flow.

What I have discovered is that when people tell me that they don’t like to plan, that they don’t need or want to think about their goals, but instead just want to go with the flow, it is usually for one (or both) of two reasons:

1) they think that planning and setting goals will add stress to their lives. For them “going with the flow” is really saying “I need more relaxation or play time.”

2) they are afraid that they will fail whatever they set out to do and saying that they want to go with the flow, allows them to stay passive. For them “going with the flow” is really a way of saying “If I don’t try, I cannot fail.”


If you really want to go with the flow in your life, let’s make it happen.


For those of you who fall into category 1, let’s carve out time in your schedule of 'unplanned time' or of 'play time' so that you can actually go with the flow and do more of what you really want to do. Frantically running errands on Saturday afternoon is clearly not fueling your relaxation levels, but since you don’t plan ‘unplanned time’ you never end up getting around to chilling out and letting the afternoon lead you. Sounds totally counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?! But what I have found in the lives of busy people is that unless unplanned time –or “going with the flow time”- is scheduled into their calendars as if they were a royal audience, they simply do not happen. So, let’s look at your schedule and start to delegate things differently so that you can actually “go with the flow.”

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If you fall into category 2 and are hiding behind “going with flow” because you are afraid to say out loud what you specifically want in your life, I want to encourage you to start playing a more active role in your daily life. Specifically, I would like you to ask yourself these powerful questions to get started: 1) What do I like to do for fun? What am I passionate about? And 2) Whose permission am I waiting for to start doing the things I have been wanting to do? Who am I trying to impress?


The key message with this post is that you can truly begin going with the flow, drawing in positive energy, and manifesting your purpose once you create the space in your life where you can not only tap into your own intuition but truly listen to it because you are not acting from a place of busy-ness, doubt, or the need to impress someone else.

You can follow your own flow, because you are centered, you believe in yourself, and you are clear on what you want -not in a greedy, selfish way, but in a generous, natural way that is geared at sharing yourself and your gifts with others.


A healthy planet starts with happy individuals. And happy individuals go with the flow… their own flow, that it.


In the comments below, tell me what "going with the flow" means to you and what shifts you have to make in your life so that you can tap into this golden space more often.

Cannot wait to hear what you have to say.


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