This question is guaranteed to put you into a good mood:)

The number one reason why I love being a lifecoach is because I get to work with the most amazing individuals. And I mean that! I literally get to spend my day with women who are nothing short of brilliant, immensely passionate, and willing to take charge of where their lives are going. I get to facilitate their growth by giving them the right tools so they can confidently pinpoint their passion and figure out a clear, FUN roadmap to stop putting their biggest dreams on hold. I mean, just writing this out makes me all giddy inside because I honestly feel so lucky.  

The best part is that I continue to learn from my clients  non-stop and all the time as well. I truly believe that growth is never a solitary experience. Whenever something or someone changes or shifts, everything around them changes or shifts as well. That's what being in a dynamic environment means. That's what being alive is all about.

The reason I am telling you this is because last week one of my clients shared with me what I thought was just the best question ever. She asked:


What 10 things do you most love about being alive?

(In no particular order!)


You know a question is amazing if the questions itself makes you happy even before you answer it  : )


When I got home that night, I decided to send the question to some of my best friends. They shared their answers with me and now, I would love to share their answers with you as well in order to stimulate your own thoughts about  WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING ALIVE.


Here are some of their answers:



  • water, any kind (a tall glass of, a shower, a lake, an ocean)
  • surprising myself
  • the weather
  • clouds
  • good conversation
  • hugs
  • randomness
  • creativity
  • seeing a big world, and a bigger universe
  • flowers



  • Reflection
  • Heartbreak
  • Love (and Being in Love)
  • Curiosity
  • Physical Strength/Health
  • Learning (especially learning from trying experiences)
  • Growing old with friends
  • Looking forward to more life
  • Laughter
  • The Beach



  • Eating: Tasting and enjoying the various flavors of foods
  • Enjoying the beauty of Nature: oceans, forest, sunsets, flowers and so much more.
  • Developing close friendships and relationships
  • Exploring personal growth.  Trying to be the best version of "you."
  • Learning: there are always new things you can learn from life.
  • Traveling: seeing the many sights of the world
  • Relaxing!
  • Feelings of happiness and contentment
  • Accomplishment: knowing that you achieved success in some aspect of your life.
  • Babys: looking forward to having children and leaving a piece of yourself behind for generations to come.



  • sunsets
  • listening to waves crash
  • making someone smile
  • being on the water - in any way
  • wandering through fields or streets of new places
  • a meal cooked with love, shared with friends
  • the wind on my face when I snowboard down a mountain
  • human touch
  • reading or writing words strung together in way that evoke emotion
  • dancing, with no inhibition


... and mine

  • first warm spring day 
  • biking/running in warm rain after a big storm with sunrays breaking through the clouds
  • AHA moments
  • waking up next to Raz every morning
  • cutting fresh fruit & putting it on a pretty plate
  • decorating a dinner table with the anticipation of shared laughter
  • teasing & being teased by my brothers
  • being in dramatic nature (high mountains, deep lakes, wild ocean)
  • eating dessert on my dad's birthday
  • little kids unfiltered, non-PC curiosity
  • cherry blossom tress in the wind


We would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below: What are the 10 THINGS YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING ALIVE?

Trust me, it's impossible not to feel happy about your life after jotting down your answers! Share them below and we can create a whole collection together : )


With love,

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