When you don't feel like going back to work after a holiday

Coming back to work after a holiday weekend can be a toughie for many of us.  I don't know about you, but I woke up this morning feeling just a little bit more tired, somehow heavier, and well... not exactly eager to whip out my calendar. This is unusual for me, especially because I have a meeting coming up today that I have been and still am super duper excited for. Yet, my initial motivation to jump out of bed was meager at best.


Thinking about why this morning felt so heavy, I realized that this past weekend, Raz and I had our first real weekend together as an engaged couple -meaning we didn't have visitors in town or plans to go anywhere.

Raz and me at the US OpenAll we did was sleep, make yummy food, go on bike rides, wander over to the ice-cream shop, cuddle on the couch, play cards, sip wine, and go to the US Open - an engagement gift from one of our friends and something I have been wanting to do forever (It was so fun!). We also started talking a bit more about what we imagine our wedding to look like and my dad -who has been beyond excited and so cute even since we got engaged- even sent over some pictures of traditional Bavarian wedding dirndles (if you don't know what that is, do yourself a favor and image google it;)).


So yes, coming back after a weekend of  joy and relaxation can be challenging. And it's ok. It might just mean you have a full life outside of work. (Tweet it!)


But, what's just as important is realizing what you can do about feeling de-motivated and how can you get yourself back on track and out of the back-to-school blues?


Here for my 4 top go-to's that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and will make your whole day (and week) feel lighter and more beautiful.


1) Realize that it's ok to have a blase day. Don't beat yourself up over it. There is nothing wrong with you and not feeling like going back to your job after a long weekend, doesn't necessarily mean you are in the wrong career (if you feel terrible about going to work every morning, that's another story and we should probably talk in person).


2) Stop repeating in your head how much you don't wanna go to work. It just makes it worse, so stop, let it go, and move on. You are in charge of your thoughts.


3) Add some color to your day. When I got up this morning and didn't propel out of bed, I lit some candles, cut up a peach, put out some nuts (my dad calls them "little energy bombs"), and moved the flowers to the center of the table. I immediately felt better seeing so much color and freshness around myself. Try adding something vibrant and beautiful to your day. Get some flowers during lunch and add them to your desk, put on some bright lipstick, make a stop at sephora and spritz your favorite perfume, have a colorful meal, paint your nails, change your computer's background image... you see, the options are endless.

Making it beautiful for myself


4) Surprise someone at work with a nice gesture or little gift. It will add an element of excitement to being at the office. Drop off a little chocolate on someone's desk. Send your best friend flowers to work. Give someone a compliment in the elevator. Forward an article you really like, a quote that makes you feel good, or a video that makes you laugh to someone who needs it today.


Pick-me-ups or re-motivators don't have to be a big deal. There is so much beauty in simplicity and the best part is that most of these small actions are available to you anytime anywhere. 


In the comments below I would love to hear how you are feeling today and what you are doing to brighten up your day. The power is yours, so take it!


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