My life is filled with generosity of time, physical and mental vitality, “cannot-help-myself” type laughter (at situation, things, and myself), lightheartedness as well as warmth that particularly finds expression in quality time spent with my family, my friends, and my wonderful boyfriend, Rasmus. My everyday life is marked by a flexible, balanced, and healthy lifestyle that begins with a trip to the farmers’ market where I gather seasonal, organic produce for my family and me. My work allows me to have a flexible schedule, so that I am able to have sit down meals, wake up with my family in the morning and go to sleep with them at night. We spend our weekends exploring new beaches, lakes, mountains, forests, eateries, and ice cream places. We have plenty of time for playing and dwelling in our imagination, which allows us to create a conjoint happiness that continually grows from the inside out.

I have an inspiring career in the personal development, wellness, and space beautificaton industry. The purpose of my life is to be seen, authentic, and in perfect resonance with my giving function, which I express to my community by supporting individuals to live alive, bold, and passionate lives.

I love my clients and my work and get lots of satisfaction from truly observing their growth, self-understanding, and self-love. Together, we create AHA moments that allow for their lives to take an authentic path.

I have one assistant who helps me with bookkeeping and appointment scheduling. We like each other and I am able to pay her a generous salary because my business is very stable and ever growing financially, creatively, and spiritually. I make 6 figures per year because I have launched programs that can run themselves without my hourly commitment. I set up 3-4 workshops per year at beautiful retreat centers around the world, where women from all over join together in celebration of their authenticity. I do not worry about money because I have a deep trust that the universe will take care of me no matter what.

I am a present, attentive, and loving girlfriend, mother, and friend and receive the same kind of genuine attention, love, and kindness back. My family and I are sharing endless curiosity and apt optimism that is fueled by a healthy dose of sunshine, fresh foods, and travel.

My greatest goal for myself is to listen to my body with gentleness, sensitivity, and curiosity as this will ultimately allow me to remain aware of what makes me truly happy and content.