Here is an example for some quick-fire associations someone might come up with in regard to the following words:  


Family is complicated.

Families have high expectations and it's hard to please everyone.

Family is everything to me.



Success is out of my reach.

Only people born into the right circumstances can be successful.

I can succeed but not be happy at the same time.


Failure is my worst nightmare.

If I fail, everyone will know and I will feel worthless.

Failure is something to learn from.


I will be happy when my job changes/ when I am in love/ when I have more money.

Happiness is what I most want, but I am not sure if it's in my cards.

Happiness is overrated.


If I fall in love, I will be vulnerable and might get hurt.

Love is the best thing in the world.

Love is for dreamers.


There is never enough money.

I'm afraid I will never make enough.

I hate thinking about money


Femininity is soft, weak, and non-confrontational.

Femininity is what men want.

Femininity confuses me.


Masculinity is hard and competitive.

Being masculine means having broad shoulders and being bossy.

Masculinity means having to make enough to take care of a family.